Tribute to Lorna: You are gone but never forgotten

The beautiful Lorna
The beautiful Lorna


My dear friends, many months ago I shared  a story about a phenomenal woman who smiled her way into my heart in 2009. She was the first person to comment on my blog when created in 2012. When we hugged goodbye in 2011, she promised to attend my wedding. Lorna Hamilton Henry – the force behind Mothers2Mothers TNT.  Selfless, giving, loving…

My dear Lorna is now resting with the angels. Tonight I have no words. I loved her. I will never ever forget her. Her mission lives on. The least I can do is continue to share her story. Please help me to pay tribute to this Christian warrior by sharing her story, checking perceptions  and helping friends and loved ones who live and continue to fight discrimination against Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.

In Lorna’s words: “… When I go out to speak I tell people we are just that – people. People living with a disease but we have the same hopes and dreams as anyone else. I tell them discrimination is a form of murder. You may not have stabbed me or shot me but the stress you induce can cause me to deteriorate and die.”  I pray God’s comfort for her grieving family.

Rest in Peace Lorna.

Listen to Lorna on You Tube: 

Click here to Read Lorna’s story: My Live with HIV

More on Lorna the Advocate: Strong Women working toward an AIDS free generation


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2 thoughts on “Tribute to Lorna: You are gone but never forgotten”

  1. Gone to soon. i read and re-blogged the 2009 article and I felt so hopeful for the advocacy work she intended to do. I guess I hoped she’d have been able to soldier on for longer but what can we do but be grateful for what she was able to contribute and inspired by her reminder, “Be the change you want to see.”

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