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Sunrise symphony


This morning as I awoke I was compelled to share a piece of my joy with you! As I opened my eyes, I found it hard to get out of bed just yet, so I pulled the covers back over my head and just lay there. What greeted me under those sheets was a symphony that could rival anything created by Beethoven! There were so many beautiful sounds coming through the louvre windows. The birds – so many different sounds and yet together it made magic! The little insects – I dont know what they are but I do know that they just added to the symphony. The rising sun – no I didnt hear it! – but I could feel the energy, freshness and promise that it brought in the new day. I could almost feel the earth coming alive – all from just under the sheets! Isnt that a beuatiful way to start off the day? I declare this day filled with the promise of the Lord and the fulfillment of His will! I declare this day blessed and every plan of the Lord for our lives ACCOMPLISHED, in the wonderful name of Jesus! We’ve already won so be blessed today and try to catch your symphony tomorrow morning 🙂