Part 2: Dear James, how do I cope with football season? #Frustrated!

A Step by Step Guide for Spouses during football. To survive Brazilmania, these actions are necessary, according to James and … Mahatma Gandhi…?!

Football. El Fútbol. Le Football. O Futebol. 足球 Voetbal.

Dear Frustrated,

Evening Relationship World Cup Survival Tip
“Game Time”
“It is important that you know when your mate will be unresponsive. Most first games will probably start around 12pm Trinidad time which means your cut off time is 5 minutes before the first whistle. You can send an email if something comes up. If it’s urgent you can sent a text/whatsapp/viber.

Between each game in the group stages, there is an hour’s lapse to which normal communication can resume and emails/messages would be adhered to. Full communication can resume after the final whistle at 8pm the same day.

Final Relationship World Cup Survival Tip
I want to leave two things with you guys.

1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching a match with your mate. What is absolutely wrong is trying to speak about anything other than football.
Also you may find one of the footballers handsome, great! Now you can learn another footballer other than Ronaldo or Messi, take this time to learn as much of the game as you can. But only ask questions during throw ins, goal kicks, half time or when someone get’s injured.

And Finally

2. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Nothing tests the tensile strength of a relationship like the world cup.”


I hope you enjoyed this post,

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