Bucket List Adventures: A Camel ride in the Caribbean

What does a camel have in common with the Caribbean? Here is a hint – it starts with J! …And the answer is…:- a JAMAICAN beach! Believe it or not, some months ago I actually found a pair of camels tucked away in Lucea, Hanover (Jamaica) at the Dolphin Cove. The Cove offers the local or visiting tourist a swim with dolphins and sharks – and a camel ride around the tracks. An odd combination, but one I chose to do since it could be added to the bucket list I have not yet finished composing.

As I climbed the scaffold to hop on to the camel’s back, I wanted to laugh so much. I always imagined that my first time atop a camel would be somewhere in the deserts of Egypt on the way to the pyramids. Instead I got tropical scenery, sharks, dolphins and a beach. It was funny and scary at the same time. The animal’s gait was a bit strange and made for a slightly bumpy ride. I was concerned when he insisted on getting a bite of grass. I thought perhaps he would run off with me any moment, but thanks to a great guide & trainer, that did not happen.

Getting off was even more adventurous. You have not experienced a real roller-coaster ride unless you’ve ridden a camel’s back when he is about to kneel! All in all, I rate this experience a cool 9 of 10 for me. The extra point will be earned when I can hold my own on a running camel. Perhaps I’ll make it my next bucket list adventure! Thanks to Carol and Julia  (http://julesandjam.blogspot.com/) who shared this experience with me.

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