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Stop Throwing Stones: Discrimination against PLWHA

There is an old adage that says “actions speak louder than words” and there is also the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is with this premise that I share today’s two (2) videos with you as I continue to place the spotlight on discrimination against PLWHA (Persons living with HIV/AIDS). Before viewing, think of these words. This picture was taken of a patch of sand on the beach several months ago. Ordinarily sand is appreciated for many properties, most of all for its rightful place on a beach. However as you look at this picture, a thing of beauty emerges and it is no longer just sand, but a piece of art. It is all about perspective. I hope that these videos help shape your perspective and attitude towards PLWHA. They were created by videographer Elspeth Duncan for the NGO – Trinidad & Tobago Coalition on the Rights of the Child (TTCRC). I would love to hear of your thoughts and feelings. As for me, it just makes me sad.