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Part 2: Dear James, how do I cope with football season? #Frustrated!

A Step by Step Guide for Spouses during football. To survive Brazilmania, these actions are necessary, according to James and … Mahatma Gandhi…?!

Football. El Fútbol. Le Football. O Futebol. 足球 Voetbal.

Dear Frustrated,

Evening Relationship World Cup Survival Tip
“Game Time”
“It is important that you know when your mate will be unresponsive. Most first games will probably start around 12pm Trinidad time which means your cut off time is 5 minutes before the first whistle. You can send an email if something comes up. If it’s urgent you can sent a text/whatsapp/viber.

Between each game in the group stages, there is an hour’s lapse to which normal communication can resume and emails/messages would be adhered to. Full communication can resume after the final whistle at 8pm the same day.

Final Relationship World Cup Survival Tip
I want to leave two things with you guys.

1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching a match with your mate. What is absolutely wrong is trying to speak about anything other than football.
Also you may find one of the footballers handsome, great! Now you can learn another footballer other than Ronaldo or Messi, take this time to learn as much of the game as you can. But only ask questions during throw ins, goal kicks, half time or when someone get’s injured.

And Finally

2. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Nothing tests the tensile strength of a relationship like the world cup.”


I hope you enjoyed this post,

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Dear James, how do I cope with football season? #Frustrated!

Football. El Fútbol. Le Football. O Futebol. 足球 Voetbal.

Whichever language you speak, the message should be clear – 2014 FIFA World Cup is here! Life as you know it for the next month or so will be… different, especially for spouses and significant others who are not “football-minded”.

Naturally I was super-excited when an ardent football fan & friend from Trinidad and Tobago – James Nicholas – decided to preserve relationships the world over, by issuing some “sage” advice to his friends. The following are his own words, reproduced with his permission. If you want to make sure your relationship survives “Brazilmania”, read on!

Dear Frustrated,

“From now until Thursday I will be posting tips to help your relationship survive the world cup (for the ladies and some for the men).
1. World cup is like the weather, try as you may you can either cry or sing in the rain, but one thing is for sure….it’s going to rain. So embrace it and accept that it is going to happen.

2. Understand that this is man time, just like it’s woman time when you want to do your thing eg. talk, go shopping, moopenclipart.orgvies etc..it’s only for 1 month and the worst will be over in two weeks, after the group stages you might actually get to go out but don’t push it.

3. Your husband/bf team is your team unless you follow football and have your own team then most of this status isn’t for you anyway. You will support his team…you can even go as far as buying him his favourite team jersey….if you aren’t engaged yet this might just do the trick…a man needs to know you care about the things he cares about.

I‘m going to answer some of the more popular questions women/men ask during a game so you wont have to ask..This can be printed and stuck on the door or fridge. 

Q1. I thought you usually support Manchester United how come you’re supporting Brazil? 

A1. **Blank stare**…..Club and country are two different things..

Q2. Wasn’t there a finals recently? Why is there another one now lasting a whole month?

A2. Ref. answer A1 and there are knock outs in which the top two teams will face off

Q3. I thought you were watching the game. Why are you on your phone/tablet/laptop?…you aren’t really watching the game, you just don’t want to speak to me (this statement is a technical foul)

A3. **The answer for this question varies based on the person**
– I’m posting to social media an atrocity to which I spotted
– I’m talking to (insert friend’s name here) who is supporting the other team or my team
– I’m checking my fantasy team

Q4. You know, it seems like you are more focused on football than on me at any point in time…

A4. That is erroneous and purely based on your perception…I only have this for a month…you I have with me always *please note that last statement is a double-edged sword use wisely*

Q5. At half time can you/we….?

A5. No. half time is for highlights and bathroom breaks.”

To be Continued!

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