Vignette Insights – Is Dominica Boring?

Richard Etienne, UK film-maker and a member of the Dominican diaspora has embarked on a personal journey of discovery about his Dominican homeland. Today on Island Vignettes, he shares a 2nd snippet from his upcoming short film “The iD Project”.

“Dominica is a small Caribbean island so what can it truly offer to a guy from a big city like me? Watch what some of Dominica’s most influential voices had to say.”

This snippet is from ‘The iD Project’ – releasing Summer 2014. 

Richard Etienne
Richard Etienne

This film is publicly funded and no donation is too small. Please support at and click ‘Donate’ at the top of the page.

To see Richard’s first installment for his upcoming short film, visit his first story that was featured on Island Vignettes: Vignette Insights: My Dominican Story

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