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Happy Father’s Day daddy

The origins of Father’s Day makes for interesting reading – if you like history at all. It was proposed long after Mother’s Day was being celebrated. The history includes tragedy, death, controversy and allegations of commercial exploitation. Yet, just about 100 years later, here I am saying “Thank You” to a father who has gone above and beyond in raising his two children. In my very humble opinion my dad would make an excellent author. He is an unending reservoir of wisdom, humour and has a knack for relating historic events in a way that immediately captures your imagination. His has been a life of sacrifice to ensure we had everything we needed, even at great personal cost to himself. He was able to not only be my father but also my best friend. So today like millions everywhere, I just want to say “Thank you” to my daddy for every single moment spent with me, every smile he placed on my face, every tear of frustration I cried when disciplined (which wasn’t too often) every arguement we had and every hug we shared (despite my efforts to avoid them after turning 13!). We love you daddy. From J&O.