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Vignette Insights – Is Dominica Boring?

Richard Etienne, UK film-maker and a member of the Dominican diaspora has embarked on a personal journey of discovery about his Dominican homeland. Today on Island Vignettes, he shares a 2nd snippet from his upcoming short film “The iD Project”.

“Dominica is a small Caribbean island so what can it truly offer to a guy from a big city like me? Watch what some of Dominica’s most influential voices had to say.”

This snippet is from ‘The iD Project’ – releasing Summer 2014. 

Richard Etienne
Richard Etienne

This film is publicly funded and no donation is too small. Please support at http://mydominicastory.com and click ‘Donate’ at the top of the page.

To see Richard’s first installment for his upcoming short film, visit his first story that was featured on Island Vignettes: Vignette Insights: My Dominican Story

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