Check out my newest blog: Camera for Culture!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am pleased to announce my newest project in the blogosphere: Camera for Culture!

I came across the concept of “Community Tourism” some months ago and it struck me as novel and worthwhile. Both prior and subsequent to this, I had the pleasure of visiting several communities across Jamaica both for the purpose of pleasure and work. Each community has a unique and distinct feature that I found interesting and worthy of exploration. As such I have now committed myself to sharing these destinations with you. With time my features will expand to feature communities across the Caribbean. Check out my findings so far! Here’s a peek at the website so far:-


When you visit the site, drop me a line to rate the experience. If you happen to visit any of these communities, send me an update and some new photos as a guest post. If you have visited other communities in the Caribbean that you particularly liked, write a guest post and submit so you can be featured!

Let’s discover the Caribbean together!

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Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Check out my newest blog: Camera for Culture!”

    1. Thanks a lot Kate! I’ve had this in concept for a while. Happy to finally get it to blogosphere reality 🙂 Of course you are more than welcome to send in some destinations. It is not intensive on writing, more imagery :)..and of course directions!

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