UWI-Cave Hill Researchers Make HIV Discovery

A great accomplishment coming out of the Caribbean! We still have a ways to go with fighting discrimination against PLWHA however.

Repeating Islands

clivelandisBarbados has scored a small victory in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Local researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery – HIV positive people who go on anti-retroviral therapy (ART) on the island, have been showing a suppressed viral load, which means that they have little or no virus in their bodies. To put it simply, says Melissa Rollock, they are non-infectious.

This phenomenon was documented by Professor of Vascular Research at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill campus, Clive Landis, and head of the National HIV/AIDS programme, Dr Anton Best, in a body of research entitled: “Ten-Year Trends in Community HIV Viral Load in Barbados: Implications for Treatment as Prevention.” [. . .] The research tried to ascertain what proportion of the HIV – infected population which is about 1.2 per cent of the adults in Barbados – had a suppressed viral load. They discovered that 26…

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