A great initiative by a dear friend. Read and be inspired! Can you do this in your backyard or community?


I was so excited when I read an article about a “suspended wall garden” in African Gardens, Jamaica.  Its simplicity fascinated me.

The article appeared in The Jamaica Observer and briefly explained about work that University of the West Indies Mona (UWI) and other volunteers did in a community called African Gardens.  African Gardens is in August Town, which borders the University’s campus.  UWI students were involved through UWI Township, a volunteer programme meant to encourage relationship building between the University’s students and August Town residents.  After reading the article about a “suspended wall garden” in African Gardens I wanted to know more about the project and about what’s happening in African Gardens so I began digging for how I could talk to one of the people mentioned in the article: Doudou Kalala.  Twitter to the rescue; turns out that Erin MacLeod (aka @touchofallright), one of the…

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