Thank you for two lovely Blog awards!


A~nom-‘n’-nation~ is~ in!

Oh what~a~thing!

I’ve~ broken~out~in~a~grin πŸ˜€

And, now~I~get~to~sing,

My~ heartfelt~ gratitude – to two special ladies!

Ok so maybe the ending does not quite rhyme, but this in no way diminishes just how happy and grateful I am to my dear blog family. You continue to bring meaning to the words shared in this space by adding your feedback and experiences.

A heartfelt thank you first toΒ CatrionaknΒ  – a refreshingly introspective blogger who shares stories from the lives of persons she meets in the field everyday on Lucky Dip Life. She also writes extensively on Human rights and social development issues, some of which was published by the UNDP. Do stop by her blog! Congratulations on your award Catriona and thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award! (Given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers).

I am also sending the biggest of “Thanks” and heartiest of hugs to Maria-Teresa for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! This is awarded by fellow bloggers who want to show how much they love reading you and enjoy the beauty in your words. Congratulations Maria-Teresa on your nomination and thanks so much for thinking of me. Maria-Teresa is full of delicious surprises. For one, don’t be fooled by the name! She is actually Swedish, speaks German and is a Qualified Social worker. Her blog Sugar and Spice Baking is as beautiful as her bubbly personality. Please drop by to say hello and check out the goodies!

The Rules πŸ˜€ :

1. Copy the Award logo and place it in your post
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
3. Tell 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know

For the Liebster Blog Award please see my responses & nominees here!

About me πŸ˜€ :

  1. I am a humanitarian who (5) loves Anansi stories
  2. I love making food look pretty but (6) not so great at baking
  3. Love old books & (7) sunny balconies
  4. Learned to ride a bicycle all by myself (have the evidence of bruised knees!)

And now here are my nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award πŸ™‚

  1. Ese’s Voice – discover the sensuality of poetry and images
  2. Prego and the Loon – one woman’s story of surviving domestic abuse
  3. Travel with Jodi– one young lady explores the world and finds herself
  4. The Human Picture– discover life in Jerusalem through ShimonZ’s eyes
  5. The Sophmore Slump– discover places with Rommel’s fabulous photography and inspiring writing style
  6. Cee’s Life Photography-share Cee’s triumph over Chronic Lyme disease and appreciation for life
  7. Happily ever after 30 -define your happily ever after

Happy reading and thanks ever so much for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Thank you for two lovely Blog awards!”

  1. Congratulations sweetie!! You deserve very much indeed all the nominations you have received lately!! Thank you so much for your kindness and for your wonderful words. Many hugs and love from me!

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