Photographic Insight: A West Indian in Las Vegas

West Indians are warm and sociable people. The diversity of races and origins, blended over the years to create a savoury pepperpot, one in which the ingredients are perfectly matched, yet sometimes seem at odds with each other. The West Indian culture, way of thinking, outlook and approach to life remains the same regardless of where in the world you find them. We are creatures of camouflage – a necessary trait for survival in our adopted societies. Yet, when you strip away the layers, the end result is the same – the Trinbagonian warmth, the Guyanese wisdom and the Jamaican panache – perfectly spiced and complemented by the uniqueness of these and all other Caribbean islands. Enjoy this photographic display of time spent with family in Las Vegas.

Pelau. A tasty rice dish that combines meat, peas, rice and assorted seasonings. Testament to the fact that West Indians enjoy cooking!


The West Indian proverb: ‘Many hands make light work’ captures this moment perfectly. A team of aunts prepare roti in the kitchen while dishing out advice on life.


Two aunts share a few moments while getting their hair “plaited”


We’re headed to my cousin’s wedding. This is the mother of the bride. I wonder what her thoughts are here…


The timeless West Indian elegance
A beautiful day for a wedding


The decor





4 thoughts on “Photographic Insight: A West Indian in Las Vegas”

  1. Just arrived/relocated with my panache in tow. Wondering where the Trinis, Bajans and fellow Jamdowners are to be found. I need some buss-up shot, sweet bread and ginger beer. Even saw an article referencing Carnival 2010 and ah have someting to wave, and I won’t storm the gate so tell me where to go, people!

    1. Lol, funnily enough it can be difficult to locate them but they are there. More than likely you’ll make connections in the workplace, clubs and also possibly when grocery shopping. I understand the feeling! Ours was a trip to Vegas specifically for a wedding. Let me know how it goes connecting!

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