Life gave me lemons…and I sold them!

A struggle for life

Reflections from working with the poor & disadvantaged…

Some days life serves me lemons. They say that I should make lemonade. How do I do that? I can’t afford the sugar and my taps don’t have water. How I hate lemons.

Some days life serves me blows. Life wears itself like a noose adorning my neck. They say I should persevere. How do I do that? I still can’t afford to buy the pair of scissors to cut that noose. How I hate that noose.

Other days life serves me hope. Just a teaspoonful. They don’t say much, for now I am a threat. It seems I might be emerging from that hole…finally…

These days life serves me vision. It overflows my cup. They say absolutely nothing for they are busy. Busy taking away the means to attain the vision. I see lemons on the horizon…again…

One day life served me perspective. A moment of illumination. I no longer hear what they say. It is of no consequence.

I sold the lemons and used the money to buy a pair of scissors. I used the scissors to cut the noose. I used the noose to tie the hope to my new perspective. I used the perspective and realized that while I was being pressed and squeezed, I had emerged onto the other side and am in full bloom.

The noose got their tongues now.

[© Copyrighted material – O. Barrett/Island Vignettes 2012]

I survived the struggle

2 thoughts on “Life gave me lemons…and I sold them!”

  1. Gritting read, actually. But way to turn it around, I was relieved by the way it ended… thought it’d be very sad til the end. Amazing writing! Quite original.

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