Finding perspective…

Today is a time of reflection and finding balance. We’ve journeyed through the global financial crisis, life in the inner city and violence against children. The stage – the Caribbean. Today I offer you a peek at some gems I discovered as I searched for perspective in nooks and crannies all over this island. A simple reminder of the things we work to protect. Do enjoy.

A beautiful flower in Cinchona Gardens

Refreshing air at Hollywell Park.
The allure of the Blue Mountains
Lilies at Cinchona Gardens
An idyllic afternoon in TrenchTown
Sunset in Trelawny
Old Mill house at Clydesdale Estate
Pigeons at the Park

5 thoughts on “Finding perspective…”

  1. This is just awesome, i wish u posted videos of ja,but I’m more than contented with the beautiful pics and detailed description of the event or place. God bless u onyka and thank u for all your hard work 🙂

    1. Thanks Sher! Havent seen you in a while! Let’s get in touch. Well I’ll make a special effort to get a few more videos on the site 🙂 Thanks as always for the support and what an interesting screen name you have! lol

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