National Pride as Reggae Boyz finally beat USA

Hanging out with the Reggae Boyz before the big game against USA!

On Friday September 7th 2012, a milestone in the history of the Jamaican people was achieved.

After 21 outings, including 2 Olympic qualifiers (11 wins for the USA and 9 draws), Jamaica finally conquered their football nemesis and achieved a 2-1 victory over the USA! With a 27,000 strong crowd backing them in the National Stadium, the Reggae Boyz gave Jamaica a splendid gift on the anniversary of it’s 50th year of Independence. In typical Jamaican style, the game kicked off with a prayer. Spirits dampened quickly as the US scored within the first 45 seconds of the game. Thankfully it was their only goal for the night.

This game was an excellent reminder of the place of sport in nation building and national pride. For me, the most exciting part of it all was meeting the Reggae Boyz before the match. We gave them hugs and sent them off to win. So since it’s now established that I am partly the lucky charm, I’m off to find Trinbago’s “Soca Warriors” footballers. Just before I do – Congratulations Reggae Boyz!

3 thoughts on “National Pride as Reggae Boyz finally beat USA”

  1. Really cootfrmable and to size. There is alot of room for your feet, they arn’t sqsihued together. I would rather wear new balance than adidas, but would take some Air Forces over both of then.

  2. Great Job!! I watched the whole thing. Jen, you are such a natural on camera and I really enjoyed your interaction with the guests. Also the food looks amazing. Going forward it would be great to see the introduction first before the 3-4 minutes of commericals. I was able to fast forward past it. I understand there must be commercials however it would be great if you did intro first to get people interested in watching to whole thing. I am looking forward to the next show!

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