Birthing of a Caribbean Social Entrepreneur

*A Guest Feature Article*

Nick at the Financial Coaching Centre


My rent is due, my loans are more than half of my salary and I feel like a failure at my age. Lord help me!  How did I end up here? How am I going to get through this?


Nicholas Dean of Trinidad and Tobago is no stranger to such a predicament.  It is in this exact situation that he found himself a decade and a half ago. That experience gave him the motivation he needed to build a thriving financial coaching practice.  Nick was forced to revisit each of his money mistakes and blunders, take responsibility for them and try to correct every last one. What resulted were several home-grown strategies that he researched, tested and refined – eventually attaining something many of us aspire to – a clear path to financial freedom. Nick then began to wonder: “Maybe there are others out there just like me?” This new perspective gave way to a chain of events that led him to qualify as a certified financial advisor and start his own business.

Today the Financial Coaching Centre offers a series of programmes with its mantra “to help people feel better about their money.” There, Nick uses his vast  experience in the Banking and Insurance industries along with his qualifications, helping others.

Services include: Advice on Demand, Financial Coaching, Customized Financial Blueprints, Small Business Mentorship, Workshops and seminars ranging from Fast- track Debt Elimination to Wealth Building.

Nick indulging in the outdoors – one of his many passions.


Nick also gives freely from his broad financial knowledge through radio, television, the Internet and printed word. He has over 30,000 followers of his fortnightly financial Q&A column titled “Ask Nick”

In his own words, when asked what is his greatest joy in running your business he replied: “apart from the absolute freedom of working for myself, it is that moment when you see a client experience an epiphany after they learn something that you know will transform their life and financial future forever.”

E-mail Nick at Phone: 1-868-724-6425 or Visit his webpage:


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