Jamaica 50 Event: Book Readings in Emancipation Park

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. ~ Dr. Seuss

Today Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Lucia & Barbados celebrate Emancipation Day. On August 6th, Jamaica celebrates its 50th year of Independence from British rule. Everywhere you go, the pride of the Jamaican people is clear – from brightly coloured t-shirts, flag-draped vehicles, artfully decorated buildings and even fences and sidewalks painted in the national colours. Jamaica 50 fever truly has caught on! There are also a myriad of events going on throughout the country, allowing the citizenry to walk down memory lane, learn about their history or just spend quality time together. Here are some highlights from the recently held – Readings in the Park [Claude McKay to Olive Senior] & Unveiling of : Jamaican Literature – A Quest for Independence.

This standing poster tells a bit about the event
Sample of readings for the evening
A section of the audience at the reading
“Out of Order” Jamaican Authors. Some notable authors in this category include: Anthony C. Winkler, Evan Jones, Colin Channer, Patricia Powell & Opal Adisa Palmer
“This Lovely Wayward Island”. Noted authors include: Andrew Salkey & Neville Dawes
Post Independence Male Voices. Some of the featured authors include: A.L. Hendricks, Anthony McNeill, Edward Baugh & Mervyn Morris
Jamaicans Aroused: A look at Feminist Jamaica
Shaping Identity: Jamaican Children’s Books. I can still remember studying “A Cow called Boy” as part of English Literature class!

3 thoughts on “Jamaica 50 Event: Book Readings in Emancipation Park”

  1. This is truly informative and good to know. Please young lady, keep this good work! I wish I could be part of that celebration. I am with Jamaica in spirit. Congratulations to Jamaica at 50!

  2. How come my response comes as anonymous! Anyway,
    Congratulation to Jamaica at 50 and wishing you well in this initiative.

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