A day in Port of Spain

From “Puerto de los Hispanioles” to “Puerto de Espana” and finally “Port of Spain” – capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. A country known for the sweet sound of steel pan, calypso, soca, parang and it’s warm, welcoming vibe. This twin-island Republic has much to offer the wandering tourist, from the picturesque bays of Charlotteville, Tobago to the adventure-filled South coast of Trinidad – and everything in between! Most of all however, Trinbago is known for its pre-Lenten Carnival. A time when tourists and live-abroad Trinis alike, flock home to re-infuse their lives with some frolic and fun. Today’s post will take you on a visual journey through a few streets of Port of Spain. If its’ been a while since you’ve been home, here’s a reminder of what awaits you. If you’ve never visited, then here’s a peek of what you’re missing. When you’re done, be sure to start booking your flight over!

Woodford Square in Port of Spain

A walk in the Park

Fountain dating back to 1866 in Woodford Square

Old Public Library. Still have many memories of this building…

A section of Frederick Street

The “thing” that time forgot 🙂


A good chicken buss up shut, with mango and slight peppa!

To be continued…

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