Young and Making a Difference

Youth, crime and religion. Three topics that somehow are interwoven. Across the Caribbean, youth are the primary victims and perpetrators of crime. Approximately 64% of the population of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) comprises young people under 30 years old. On the other hand, religious beliefs and spirituality are a part of the social fabric of the Caribbean and cannot be discounted when contemplating the situation of youth.

Meet Keron Jones, a young man who hails from Trinidad and Tobago and the representation of a youth success story to many. At 24, he is a small business owner, musician, and most important in his eyes – a Christian. The first to admit to being far from perfect, he nevertheless considers himself a serious-minded young man with a soft heart.

Join Keron as he talks about his source of motivation.

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My name is Keron Jones. Currently I work as a Project Assistant, but plan to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering with the hope of furthering my studies in the United Kingdom. I recently started my own Small Business – Mr. Jones Shipping Services & Accessories Store. It is an online business whereby I aim to source and deliver a full range of items for my customers. I was mainly inspired by my reflection on Scripture – Proverbs 11:1-4 – when I chose to start my business.

My aim is to offer a quality service and not merely to focus on profit. For too long I’ve seen or heard of persons being given less than they deserve in their daily transactions. At the time I felt the need to do something about it. The result was my business idea and a resolve to focus on great service. Thus far none of my customers are dissatisfied and I thank God for that and for the wisdom to do this.

I am also a musician – a keyboardist. I fell in love with music at the age of 14. The journey has become a personal testimony for me. My musical ability is a gift from God. My father, before any of his children were born, actually prayed that one of us would be a musician. My Pastor recognized my gift when I was very young and encouraged me. Once I begun to realize it as well, I prayed to God for guidance in developing my ability and relied on the story of Moses for personal encouragement. I never once went for lessons to learn music. I am forever grateful and thank God for my parents. I still remember my mother holding my hands and praying with me when I thought I would never be able to play well. God has been marvellous to us.

I would like to share Proverbs 3:5 with you and really urge you to trust in the Lord. Put Him first in all you do. It is a wonderful experience having a personal relationship with the One, True and Living God and I just want to encourage you to strive for it.

For more information on Mr. Jones Shipping Services & Accessories Store, visit or e-mail Keron directly at keronj55(at)

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