Vignette Monthly Peek: Youth, crime & white sand beaches…

Youth, crime and white sand beaches. These three have been on my mind lately. During my one week hiatus from the blogging world, I’ve hunted out some refreshing stories for you. This took me from the gullies of East Kingston to a southern Caribbean island known for its carnival and cuisine. Two islands that have created waves in CARICOM of late – from growing trade disputes to internal labour strikes and dissolution of Parliament amidst the confusion of high-class pontificating gone ghetto. Let’s not be distracted however; although a particularly bad episode for the Jamaican parliamentarians, it is in no way unique to the Caribbean region.

The youth of Trinbago are up to a lot of positive things and we’ll be exploring some of it together. As to what else you can look forward to, I have three words – Caveman, Marley and Dons. Stay tuned!

Until then, lots of love from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago! Here’s two pigeons in Woodford Square saying hello!


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