Mystery creature in my apartment!

After an exciting few days of hiding from the “mystery” creature in my apartment, jumping on chairs and running from the unknown, I finally came face to face with the hideous monster last night! It was…are you ready?…A MOUSE! Before you start laughing at me, take in this article written in last Sunday’s Jamaica Gleaner (May 13th) “Sunday Sauce: Rats hit Back”. It is an excellent satire that manages to touch on some serious socio-political issues in Jamaica while addressing a burgeoning sanitation issue in the Kingston/St. Andrew parish. Unfortunately, a problem that is slowly making its way through my front door.

As a quick guide, the “clueless orange and green men & women” mentioned refer to affiliates of the two main political parties – I surmise! According to the “Rat Association” they’re too smart for the Pied Piper now, so that remedy won’t work this time. As for me don’t worry, I am armed to the hilt with broomstick & insect repellant in case the creature dares to drop in tonight! Happy reading!


Sunday Sauce: Rats hit back! – Arts & Leisure – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | May 13, 2012.

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