Happy Mother’s Day mumsie

To the woman who gave birth to me, who took care of me, who taught me the basics of life and who prepared me for a life of my own, thank you. I love you. The job of a mother is not an easy one and it is hard to understand the rewards until you walk the journey yourself. Our relationship has not always been perfect, but thank you mommy for taking it on and for sticking by me. Thank you for the baby years which even though I can’t remember, you patiently relate every story of all the little moments that brought you joy. Thank you for the toddler years where even though I disrupted just about everything, you patiently just placed them out of my reach and allowed me to carry on creating mayhem. Thank you for the pre-teen years when on the verge of young adulthood, you sat and tried to explain the embarrasing facts of the birds and the bees. Thanks for the teen years when even though I seemed to hate everything around me and grew impatient with life, you just continued to discipline me with love and understanding. Thank you for the adult years where you continue to support me as I create my own life and in my own journey to eventual motherhood. I love you mommy. Happy Mother’s Day!

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