A Mother’s Love

Meet Michelle – wife, daughter, sister, but perhaps most important – mother! Motherhood seems almost like a profession that is quickly becoming extinct. The grooming of another human being to become a productive, caring citizen is not an insignificant task. A woman is not a failure when she chooses motherhood and family nurturing as her career whilst her classmates choose globetrotting. No, indeed she is an individual to be lauded for recognising that in the midst of it all, each of us still yearns for her warm embrace and loving advice.

Join Michelle as she shares why being a good mother is important to her and shares a few tips to fellow & expecting moms.

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From A Mother’s Desk…

A mother of 3- ages 13, 4 & 6 months, wife, daughter and sister, employee and student; business entrepreneur, to name a few…….how do I do it? Only through the Lord’s grace I contentedly complete each day giving thanks!

My purpose in this world is to bring joy to my Lord and fulfill every purpose for which He has put me on this Earth. Each day I surrender my all to the Lord’s will. As such my body is His temple and I have laid it down to be used to bring forth His prophets, to ensure His work continues and reigns for generations to come.

It gives me pleasure – loving , guiding, imparting knowledge and correcting my daughters knowing I am grooming them to be the difference this world so needs in these times.  Reward comes when I see my girls making the right decisions independently, identifying right from wrong and being able to cuddle them all in my arms!

For those of you who are not yet mothers, but desire to be – pray for the Lord’s will into your life and trust in Him. When your bundle of blessing comes, welcome and nurture that child knowing that you are serving God in every effort you make in this precious one’s life.  A mother’s life is full of sacrifices but the unconditional love motherhood brings, surpasses it all.

For my fellow mothers –rejoice each day praising the Lord for your blessing! Bond with your child from birth, strengthen your relationship as each day passes. Never be too weak to discipline but always let your love prevail.


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